Moto Roader MC Review

Moto Roader MC Review

Moto Roader MC is a retro racer that feels more like a time capsule and less like a throwback.

Moto Roader MC

When it comes to adorable small objects, less is more. Even the most villainous action figures or gigantic machines take on a more intimate quality when scaled down to small fractions of their original size. Similar to remote controlled or slot cars, when the size shrinks the fun only grows. 

Moto Roader MC by Ratalaika games shrinks the size of your average 4 wheeled speed machine into a retro arcade style top-down racing game. 5 racers compete on one screen in quick laps around multiple tracks in various racing circuits. These challenging levels take place on speedways, city streets, outdoors in nature, and even outer space. The winner of each circuit is determined by a point system awarded by rank after each race in a chosen circuit.

Moto Roader MC

Players have the option of choosing between two different steering methods. One mode turns the car left and right like a first person steering wheel, while the omnidirectional method will steer the car in any direction the control stick is pressed. Adding to the arcade style gameplay, Players can shoot missiles ahead of them or leave bombs behind them to slow down opponents. These projectiles do not require items to pick up, and only have a short cooldown period before they’re able to be fired again. Up to four players can join for side-by-side couch competition and a fifth player can be added on the Switch console for even more high speed chaos. 

Moto Roader MC

The host of tracks to race are made with rock solid level design. Especially when granted your choice of steering controls each track’s set of turns and obstacles has addictive flow when navigating at high speed. The themed circuits not only host charming pixel art animation, but each play a little differently as each track requires a slightly different driving approach when maneuvering through each course. In addition to the circuit races and time trial mode, there’s also a multiplayer minigame called Omake that features two cars maneuvering a ball into opposing goal areas in head to head matches, Rocket League style.

Moto Roader MC

The opening cutscene is a fun sequence that introduces the drivers In each of the colored vehicles, making it the most outstanding part of the otherwise story-less presentation. Because of its vintage style the visuals and music and sound effects feel akin to a 90’s arcade machine, and even includes some CRT visual options that degrade visuals to look like a vintage screen . The atmosphere remains exciting throughout, but the sights and sounds are on par with what players would expect from such an offering and don’t offer many surprises. 

Moto Roader MC

While Moto Roader is a fast and fun arcade racer, it’s not a very robust game. There are a ton of levels to explore but the old school experience lacks some modern qualities. The chaotic pace of the races makes victory feel more up to chance than skill in the long run. Without a good start it’s easy to fall laps behind making it best to maintain a lead early on. Without much introduction or a demonstration video it’s easy to miss out on basic controls like shooting projectiles, the option to change cars, and other auxiliary features like save states and CRT screen options. While there is an unlockable mode, there isn’t much progress to be made or many other rewards for winning races. A mode for online play would’ve added a lot to the game as well. 

Moto Roader might not leave a large impression compared to more modern games but this reinvisioned retro classic has great appeal for such small and simple top down racing. Best enjoyed with as many players as possible, the variety in levels and simple gameplay set makes session an action packed arcade race. 

Moto Roader MC


-Lots of levels with clever designs

-Fast paced and chaotic arcade style races

-Local Co-Op and multiple game modes


-No progression or upgrades, not many rewards to earn

-Clumsy introduction, no demonstration of features like projectiles

-Lacking major modern qualities

3 out of 5

Review code provided by PR. Moto Roader MC is out now!

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