RiMS Racing Review

RiMS Racing Review

The breakneck speeds and tension-filled races feel like none other in RiMS, with accessible controls and beautiful graphics.

Driving sims are among the most hardcore of games. Offering staggeringly deep control schemes and the ability to fine-tune your machine to perfection, making the experience immersive before the trials even begin. RiMS Racing from developer Raceward Studio combines this feeling with some stellar visuals to give you the motorcycle driving sim experience with both a sleek look and feel. 

RiMS Racing

The presentation of RiMS Racing is second to none, with gorgeous visuals and an excellent soundtrack. Few motorcycle sim games out have both the fantastic graphics and the depth of control that this RiMS offers and will suck even those unfamiliar with the genre into each race. The soundtrack kicks the aesthetic into high gear, with bass-heavy dance tunes that gives the game a strangely arcadey vibe. It comes together to create a relaxed vibe where it feels okay to crash and mess up over and over again.

RiMS Racing

While the aesthetic of the game is pure fun, there is a very clear difficulty curve. While the game offers a ton of options on how you can control your motorcycle and the physics it’s bound by, even the most basic of control schemes can be tough to grasp in the long run. Tracks are designed to test your skill and control, with offroading and crashing wearing your machine down. It gives each race tension and very apparent ways to improve, with you being able to pinpoint what has worn down during the race itself by opening a quick menu to check the durability of each part of your motorcycle. You’ll never want to land yourself in the pit stop since it eats up so much time, making mastery of the driving your only way out in RiMS.

RiMS Racing

This all becomes evident the more you play, especially in the Career mode. RiMS Racing offers a sleek, stylish and immersive career mode simulator that focuses on you and your machine. With each calendar date, you’ll be able to participate in events to earn you status and rewards. These can range from cosmetic rewards, to helmet medals, to currency to spend on skills and motorcycle upgrades. The game has a distinct RPG feel to the aesthetic that brings you in just a bit more than other motorcycle sims on the market, giving RiMS a more approachable feel.

RiMS Racing

This isn’t to say RiMS has nothing for the hardcore motocycle sim fan. With a huge amount of tuning options, tons of customizable parts and a physics experience “designed exclusively for RiMS,” there’s a lot to look forward to. These settings can be reflected in every mode of the game, allowing you for a more in-depth experience overall. This is absolutely for the genre enthusiast, as even seasoned driving sim players may find the depth of RiMS Racing to be overwhelming.

While the presentation is incredible and the controls are approachable, RiMS Racing has a few glaring issues. The first is the limited track and motorcycle selection, with only 8 machines and a handful of tracks that you’ll keep racing with over and over. While there is a ton of customization in the game, it makes for an ultimately shallow experience that feels over before it begins. The same can be said for the tracks and the racing itself, which makes the toughest challenges appealing only to the genre enthusiast.

RiMS Racing

These challenges extend into the online mode, which is split between two modes. The first is a selection of pre-set challenges that serve as high score trials, where your scores will be posted on the worldwide leaderboards. The second is custom events, which are player-made lobbies that have a wide range of events you can host. Anything from time trials to full-on GP races in real-time is available, but it may be tough to just hop in and try it. There’s also a local multiplayer mode, which is a great addition for head-to-head action in the face of the lackluster online options.

The first impression that RiMS Racing leaves is a big one. With the easiest control scheme giving the game an almost arcade-like feel, RiMS is easily the best motorcycle sim for newcomers of the genre. Hardcore players aren’t left out either, with their tough-as-nails options available in all modes of play. While not perfect, RiMS is a great title for anyone who is interested in the genre to check out and serves as a fun niche title in the library of the driving sim enthusiast.

RiMS Racing


-Amazing visuals

-Fantastic soundtrack

-Robust control options

-Fun and engaging Career Mode


-Limited tracks and motorcycle options

-Limited replayability

-Weak online play

4 out of 5

Review code provided by Homerun PR. RiMS Racing is out now!

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