Gravitational Floats onto the Playstation Store July 13th

Gravitational Floats onto the Playstation Store July 13th

Award-winning PSVR title Gravtiational will arrive onto the Playstation Store July 13th and follow up with a physical release a few days later, on July 16th. The game stars Sebastian, a physically challenged scientist of Gravcorp who leads and develops the gravitational project. Using his new gravitation technology and superior intellect, you will take Sebastian to new heights as he overcomes the challenges in his way. Check out the trailer and more information on the winner of ‘The Itamaraty Social Impact Games Award’ below.

The release date announcement is hot on the heels of the news that Gravitational has won more awards to go with ‘The Itamaraty Social Impact Games Award’ won last year.  Last week at the Big Festival 2021, Gravitational took home the ‘People’s Choice Award’ as well as receiving an honorable mention for the ‘Big Impact and Diversity’ category.

Hugo Campos, Co-Founder of Electric Monkeys Game Studio said, “We are absolutely thrilled with the award.  Creating a game like Gravitational has been a great experience, it opened our eyes to social issues we didn’t even know and showed us a new way of thinking.”

Gravitational takes place in a utopic future, where large corporations are in a race with each other to develop ‘gravitational travel & control’ systems.  Systems which will revolutionize the World.  Playing as Sebastian, a scientist at GraviCorp, you are at the heart of a huge incident resulting in the main core collapse. It is down to Sebastian to bring the accident under control and avoid a major catastrophe.


Facing challenges in inaccessible places and understanding the conflicts and traumas that Sebastian experiences, you navigate the world using both Sebastian’s wheelchair and also experience and master movement in ‘Zero Gravity’.

Rob Edwards, Managing Director of Perp Games, says “Gravitational has made a huge impact since its announcement and we are incredibly proud to be working with such a talented team as Electric Monkeys.   Gravitational is an incredibly fun game, that makes you think about the world around you.”

Hugo Campos, Co-Founder of Electric Monkeys Game Studio added, “We are very glad to work with Perp, who believe in Gravitational and work alongside our team to help create the best experience for the game.”


Be sure to check out Gravitational this July on Playstation VR and Steam later this year.

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