Bloodshore Review

Bloodshore Review

More than just a movie, Bloodshore casts you as a washed-up actor who puts his life on the line for one last shot at fame.


It has been said that blockbuster movies now have more in common with amusement park thrill rides. In some such cases the finer details of artistry and storytelling have been exchanged for spectacles of epic production value to capture as much audience attention as possible. But is there room for over the top live action in the world of gaming? Developer Wales Interactive knows how to deliver when it comes to cinematic full motion video game adventures.

Bloodshore can be described most accurately as an interactive movie, and much like it’s cinematic predecessors, this title will take you on a thrill ride filled with blood, gore and campy humor. In big budget Hollywood tradition, the story plays on several rehashed ideas to create an exciting story and setting. Bloodshore is based on a corporate backed battle royale game called Killstream, where players from all walks of life enter to win followers, fame, and financial freedom. As viewership escalates into worldwide phenomenon online, few seem to question the motives of Azur Corp, the company that makes this bloody spectacle possible.


This interactive movie has you cast as main character Nick Romeo, a washed up actor playing out his final moments in the spotlight on Killstream. Accompanied by other extreme vloggers, fame chasers, and even some hardened criminals, one hundred contestants are dropped in landing groups on an uncharted island to determine who will last the longest. What contestants were not told however, is unlike on previous seasons of Killstream, they will not have the option to “tap-out” safely, becoming trapped by fine print into an anything goes deathmatch.


Nick will face choices as the full motion video drama plays out and it is up to you the player to choose his course of action. After the opening credits, the motion picture takes the form of a live streamed event edited together from multiple camera angles with a comical host playing narrator. The story takes place as every moment is streamed online to viewers and commenting streamers all over the world. Once the camera lands on Nick, players will be presented with options for him to take. Decisions are timed well with the story and feel seamless, without distracting from the suspense. There’s also a streamer option that removes the time limit for choices in case you decide to play with an audience. Choices have a weighted impact not just on the story, but build on stats like strength, audience approval, and even romance. Victory means survival because with each choice Nick Romeo’s life is in your hands.


While the writing and acting may not equal that of blockbuster cinema, gameplay will get your heart racing once the action starts. The characters clashing interactions are entertaining and can develop in a number of ways based on your decisions. While the game can be completed in a 90 minute playthrough, there’s more fun in coming back and watching the same movie with different events and outcomes, with over 8 hours of footage to watch and explore.


There’s no shortage of sleek visuals as the editing and special effects are pretty impressive. Hardcore gamers may not seek this laid-back movie watching style of adventure, but the full experience combined with an adrenaline pumping soundtrack is immersive and will quickly put you on the edge of your seat. With gameplay similar to a live action Dragon’s Lair, players looking for suspenseful, humorous, yet fast paced storytelling will not be disappointed.

What’s really great about Bloodshore is how it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Players looking for exciting thrills without much effort who enjoy live action over 3d models are sure to find themselves coming back to explore the story and characters in ways that just aren’t possible with old fashioned movies. Taking inspiration from its B-movie predecessors, the action and humor is sincerely entertaining and offers a well rounded experience that blends video games and cinema. 



-Cinematic video editing, visual effects, and soundtrack.

-Decisions have weight in the story

-8+ hours of unique footage to explore

-suspenseful action and lighthearted humor 


-Shallow gameplay for hardcore gamers

-writing and performances can come off as cheesy if taken too seriously

4 out of 5

Review code provided by PR. Bloodshore is out now!

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