Journey through the tempestuous Archipelago, battle sea monsters, and save the world from the Aquapocalypse in the upcoming action roguelite from Team17 and Quebecois studio, Fika Productions.

Team17 and Fika Productions have today announced Ship of Fools, a frenzied two-player couch co-op and online multiplayer, action roguelite set on the high seas. Launching later in 2022 for PC and consoles, Ship of Fools follows a ragtag group of Fools – erm, courageous sailors – as they undertake a series of deadly roguelite runs against dangerous sea creatures and mega-goliaths from across the Archipelago, and attempt to hold back The Everlasting Storm and the impending Aquapocalypse. Ship of Fools will have its first hands-on public demo at W.A.S.D. in London between 7th-9th April at Team17’s booth.

Ship of Fools

Life on board the ship is a treacherous one for Fools, with chaotic cannon firefights, ‘oarsome’ swashbuckling, and run-saving deck repairs all part of the experience. As they set sail aboard the Stormstrider for the tempestuous waters that surround and swirl through the Archipelago, Fools have to work together to stave off enemy encounters to secure rewards, uncover lost treasures and remote shops on islands, use harpoons to loot items adrift on the open sea, and ultimately defeat the final boss and try to stop the end of the world. As runs are attempted and progression is made, additional Fools can be unlocked, each with their own unique special ability.

At the heart of the Archipelago is the Great Lighthouse, from where the Fools set sail and embark on their adventures. During their journey, they’ll also rescue individuals stranded across the many islands and bring them back to the hub where they’ll set up stalls which Fools can shop from. Along the way, new cannon types can be purchased, while trinkets and artefacts found bobbing on the Archipelago’s seas can imbue the crew with passive upgrades, furthering their valiant attempts at stopping the Aquapocalypse.

Ship of Fools key features include:

  • Bombastic combat – Frantic ship-based combat against colossal leviathans and horrifying creatures from across the deep, dark waters of the Archipelago
  • Frantic co-op experience – Designed from the keel up for co-op play, manage ship repairs in the heat of battle, reload and re-manoeuvre cannons, and use paddles to strike enemies as they board the Stormstrider
  • Endless replayability – Upgrade your crew and unlock items and additional Fools to take on the ever-changing seas, with multiple runs needed to avert the Aquapocalypse.

Follow the Fools on their development journey on Instagram,  Twitter and Discord.

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