Monster Energy AMA Supercross 5 Review

Monster Energy AMA Supercross 5 Review

Monster Energy AMA Supercross 5 sports deep controls and customization options, but has a surprisingly dull edge.

Monster Energy AMA Supercross 5

There’s a certain spark that ignites after taking the seat of a two-wheeled speed machine. The motorsport of Supercross sends brave competitors down a dirt track in a gas powered battle for first place. From farms to deserts, or fan filled stadiums, these bikes are designed for high velocity off-road thrills. Monster Energy AMA Supercross 5 is a Motorcycle racing simulation where players put wheels to the dirt in professional motocross. Racers are pitted against each other across winding dirt tracks, sprinting across whoops and turning tight corners around steep embankments before launching into the air and landing with both wheels on the ground in a head to head race to the finish. This kind of sports action has been filling area seats for years and this game series aims to put realistic supercross experience in the hands of the players.

Monster Energy AMA Supercross 5

There’s a lot to learn and a lot to do in Monster Energy AMA Supercross 5. Players can begin a single player career riding for different racing teams as well as test their skills online in multiplayer matches. The first stop for any new player, however, would be the Futures Academy, where players familiarize themselves with controls in structured stages that introduce the finer points of controlling a dirt bike along a supercross track. In addition to the expected gas, brakes, and steering, the right analog stick is used to manage the rider’s weight on the bike. Using both sticks players will have to maintain their riders balance and position though each race helping them navigate corners, jumps and otherwise uneven dirt terrain. Tail whips and scrubs can also be performed in the air as tricks and can also be used for positioning when landing on the track. 

Deep gameplay controls focus firmly into a supercross simulation, and account for both the rider and machine’s handling. Just as in real riding, giving it too much gas will send you flying off course and off your motorcycle. The real sport is in correctly navigating each section of the track and maintaining a steady flow between each jump, turn, and straightaway. Shifting the rider’s weight comes into play heavily while trying to take corners quickly, and shifting weight forward and backward helps to keep your wheels parallel to the ground when tackling jumps of all sizes. 

Monster Energy AMA Supercross 5

Monster Energy AMA Supercross 5’s career mode plays host to a variety of real motorcycle companies and racing teams. After creating a custom rider, you begin your journey racing in the futures league of amateurs. Players who perform well will earn upgrades for their riser as well as contracts and sponsorships from different racing teams. There are also many side events that take place during your career like private team meets to race for bragging rights, or workout sessions for conditioning your rider’s abilities. You’ll also be responsible for keeping your rider’s health in good condition as too many wrecks can cause an injury and negatively impact your rider’s performance over time. Whether you climb the ranks in the career mode, or compete online in multiplayer, you’ll soon be introduced to the giant roster of AMA racers from the professional circuit featured in the game.

Because the game is meant to simulate the full throttle sport of motocross, it may not land comfortably among players accustomed to arcade style racing. Hitting the track with constant speed is guaranteed to throw racers off course and into last place. It takes some practice to familiarize yourself with balancing steering and weight when cornering. When playing in career mode, the difficulty ramp is fairly gradual and allows players to pace themselves when taking on harder race challenges or team contracts. Adding depth to the simulation, you can also choose to tune your bike to handle differently for each race and even create and race on custom tracks made by players.

Monster Energy AMA Supercross 5

While motocross enthusiasts may find the level of accuracy in Monster Energy AMA Supercross 5 thrilling, the controls may not feel as intuitive compared to other racing simulations. The physics overall feel pretty obscure and while there are options for assistance in managing rider weight and steering, it’s often difficult to tell if you’re playing with skill or just getting lucky. Players who don’t adjust well may find it frustrating when your ride resets suddenly on contact with some objects, or when your rider inexplicably makes a stiff rag-doll position and falls off the bike after a bad landing. The tail whip controls have a meddlesome way of kicking in when trying to even out the bike in mid air, and while futures academy training is helpful the information provided is shallow and vague.

Monster Energy AMA Supercross 5

Presentation of sound and graphics are on point but not groundbreaking or inspiring. Characters, environments, and especially the dirt on the tracks feel flat and unrealistic with an overall quality that doesn’t quite meet the standards of the current generation. The music relies on hard rock grooves but only rarely features artists or songs with vocals. The playlist sounds generic selections from a production music library instead and lacks the anthemic feel of stadium rock or the edginess of an extreme sports soundtrack from early 2000’s. 

Monster Energy AMA Supercross is a deep dive into motorized action sports that is sure to tickle race fans. There’s plenty to unlock and enjoy in career mode with added playability in the form of deep mechanics, online play and player created tracks. While it may not push boundaries or reinvent the wheel creatively, it’s a solid entry into any sports gamers’ collection. 

Monster Energy AMA Supercross 5


-Unique dirtbike control layout.

-Customizable track editor.

-Steady difficulty ramp with options for assistance.

-Lots of unlockable content like rider’s, teams, and tracks.


-Obscure Collison physics.

-Flat lifeless character and environment graphics .

-Uninspired Soundtrack that doesn’t feature many artists.

3 out of 5

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