You only get one shot at the gold in Phantom Abyss

You only get one shot at the gold in Phantom Abyss

From Team WIBY and Devolver Digital comes Phantom Abyss, a competitive asynchronous multiplayer Indiana Jones-style platformer. You are an adventurer making their way through the perils of the temple in order to take the relics within for your own. While the quest is your own, you’ll be accompanied by the spirits of those who died trying to claim the temple’s treasure in order to avoid the same fate. While you’re able to claim the first relic you see, an incredible reward awaits those who brave the deepest reaches of the temple. Check out the trailer and more information about Phantom Abyss below!

Intrepid adventurers will dodge scores of hidden traps, leap treacherous chasms, and flee relentless guardians through branching paths until one of the relics is claimed or the devices of death overwhelm them. Be warned, you only get one attempt at each temple and failure or settling for a lesser relic means you will never see that temple again. The most cunning explorers will use the phantom runs of failed attempts from other players to their advantage and avoid the missteps and mistakes that led to their doom. Once the legendary relic at the bottom of each temple is found, the temple goes away forever and becomes the priceless trophy of the skilled adventurer.

Phantom Abyss features asynchronous multiplayer, allowing you to explore the perilous halls and colossal rooms of each temple alongside the phantoms of fallen players that came before you. Use their successes and failures to your advantage to progress deeper than they ever could have hoped. Watch and learn from the mistakes of up to fifty phantoms including your Steam friends that have attempted the same temple and steal their whips as they fall. As adventurers venture further into a temple, offerings of collected treasures can be made at altars to gain a new blessing for the rest of the run. Collect as much treasure as you can to please the gods and gain a double jump, glide jump, extended slide, damage protection, and more. Recover keys from chests to unlock deeper, deadlier sections of the temple that house more coveted relics. The more difficult a relic is to obtain, the greater the reward – the final Legendary Relic of a temple allows you to claim the whole temple so that it’s gone forever. Will you claim the ultimate treasure?

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