Command the forces of evil in Rogue Lords

Command the forces of evil in Rogue Lords

In Rogue Lords, you’ll command some of the most insidious forces in history. You take the role of the Devil in this dark fantasy roguelike, where your disciples ready themselves before each run. Using the powers of memorable deviants such as the Headless Horseman or Bloody Mary you will invade the world to reclaim it for your own. These infamous figures each have their own fighting style and bring their own unique edge to each party. Check out the trailer below to meet each of them and learn their powers.

Rogue Lords

At the start of each run, you create a team of three Disciples. The characters have unique attacking and defensive skills, and none of them are limited to a single role. Choose your team based on your play style and adapt your Disciples’ arsenal of skills to in-game events to defeat the most powerful enemies. Each Disciple has their own special skills. You will need to choose different combinations of spells and curses to create diabolical team synergies. Along with the abilities of the Devil, there is plenty of room for experimentation in each team composition.

You will love exploring your dark side and playing iconic evil geniuses, such as the White Lady, Dr Frankenstein and his creature, and Dracula. Want to participate in the closed beta? Follow closely our social networks to be informed of the opening date of the registration. 

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