Rust: Console Edition Review

Rust: Console Edition Review

Make your own way to survive in a world where everything and everyone wants to kill you!

Everybody talked about Rust by Facepunch when it first launched for PC and hype for the game was everywhere. Now imagine having it on PS4. Awesome, right? Rust is the next level of survival and gives you all you need to build and craft what you need to survive. You will make your own food, clothes, build your a home, and even put your own security system to avoid other players stealing your belongings when you are offline. At first it’s hard to understand how the game works and what you need to make. The crafting menu has a ton of categories, which can get confusing. At times, it’s almost impossible to remember everything you need for crafting different types of items. This makes you focus on one at a time but you’ll often find yourself carrying items you only think you need and keeping everything you collect in excess, just in case you forgot something. This feeling sneaks up on you because you have nothing when you start the game.

No need to panic, everything is okay. You must look for food and water, some clothes and try to collect all the wood and stone you can. Don’t worry, a big empire starts from zero! Walk around, travel all over the map, try to get familiar with the environment and find the right spot for your home where you know you can gather everything you need from nearby places. Essential item can be found everywhere and you can use them to upgrade your home or to craft new stuff, like metal, wood, stone, clothes, thread, and other materials you need. It’s important to know that some places have radiation which require special clothes to explore and find items.

While the visuals aren’t poor, they have not aged as well as the survival-focused gameplay, which is still thrilling from the moment you start. The main drawback is the shooting, which is difficult because of how hard it can be to aim compared to other games. You won’t have a reticle to show where you are pointing or if you are going to hit the player or the animal you are trying to kill, which can sometimes make it frustrating to control in combat. Movement can also be a bit clunky and stiff, which can become frustrating in heated situations.

You’ll also need to be careful with other players that might want to take everything you have. When you spawn into a world that is public, anyone is fair game to kill. The more allies you have, the better, so it can help to make some friends! In Rust, the more allies you have, the better. You’re also able to join servers from other players or create your own server and invite your friends, where you can play the game any way you want and make your own rules. Private worlds can be very customizable. If you’re playing with a group of friends, you can dominate other groups by joining in other public servers for epic battles against other players.

Did I mention that you can build cars and helicopters? No? Well, of course you can! Anything is possible in this crazy survival simulator! Rust requires patience and time to fully understand everything, so take your time and don’t rush things. Try out all of the systems available to you, explore everywhere on the map and survive the perils of the isle. New players will definitely want to take time to learn everything they can on their own or with friends on a private server.

When you eventually build a mansion or settlement, you’ll also have to maintain it. This means that all the structures you build will deteriorate over time. While this will always keep you busy, you’ll always want to stay armed and plan your next strategy. Finding and crafting different types of guns and gadgets to create the perfect home is the best way for the experienced player to protect their belongings and keep themselves and their friends safe.

Whether you play with friends or alone, you’ll need to use everything you can to survive. RUST is a savage world that has aged well on consoles. When you’re alone without any food, clothes, or a home it can be terrifying at night when you find wildlife like bears that are going to try to kill you. It can be even more stressful to do this while trying to accurately shoot your target down. When you’ve got your mansion with a helipad protected by a security system, however, the charm becomes impossible to overlook.


– Tons of freedom.

– Deep crafting system that feels satisfying to learn and play with.

– Huge world to explore.

– Intense multiplayer experience


– Clunky movement.

– Hard to shoot animals and other players.

– Learning everything can be very time consuming and confusing at times.

4 out of 5

Review code provided by Tinsley PR. RUST Console Edition is out now!

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