Prime Matter reveals first look at The Last Oricru

Prime Matter reveals first look at The Last Oricru

Prime Matter reveals the first look at The Last Oricru. This dynamic, story-based game is designed as both a single-player and co-op experience.

After an explosive unveiling, Prime Matter shows off one of their newest IPs, The Last Oricru. From Czech developer GoldKnights, the new title is a third-person action RPG with an emphasis on dynamic storytelling. You are Silver, a human who has awakened from their pod on an alien world in the midst of political turmoil. As the odd man out, it’s up to you to find your role in the world and help decide the fate of yourself and others in this strange new land. Check out the video and full press release below.

The Last Oricru transports players to the wonderful sci-fi/medieval world of Wardenia. Players take on the role of Silver, a man who crash-landed years ago on this mysterious planet, just to be suddenly waken up from his cryochamber. The mystery of Silver’s role in the story will unfold as players begin to learn more about him as they journey through Wardenia with him. 

In The Last Oricru, choices matter. Players will be able to directly influence the outcome of the game by their decisions and actions. This single player and local co-op experience is a launch title for Prime Matter, the new premium games label from Koch Media. 
The newly released narrated gameplay video introduces the core elements of the game and throws players into a bloody civil war over supremacy on Wardania.

GoldKnights was founded in 2015 by Creative Director Pavel J. Strnad with a vision to build an epic gaming saga, joined later by Executive Producer Vladimir Gersl (Activision, Sony) to help utilize the potential of the studio to the fullest. A nearly 40 heads strong team, combines experienced professionals (PUBG, Keen Software House, NapNok Games, Ubisoft) with go-getting juniors, creating a unique mix of know-how and passion. Together they are working on their first title, action RPG The Last Oricru.

Check out the official twitter of The Last Oricru and Prime Matter to get the latest updates!

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