SANABI’s Special Beta Preview Event Now Live on Steam

SANABI’s Special Beta Preview Event Now Live on Steam

WONDER POTION’s action-platformer has new content to test in this limited-time preview version of the next side-scrolling hit from NEOWIZ

SANABI, an exhilaratingly stylish dystopian action-platformer being developed by WONDER POTION and published by NEOWIZ is inviting players to a special time-limited beta event. The team behind the hit platformers Skul: The Hero Slayer and Blade Assault is live on Steam from today through February 2nd.

  • There will be a 4 digit code displayed at a certain save point. Players will have to input this code on the Giveaway Page to participate in the event.
  • 50 winners are drawn to receive a Steam Key for the full game at the official launch.

Anybody can join the playtest, there aren’t any restrictions to the number of players. In this test, all of Chapter 1 and the first boss is included, as well as the main bulk of Chapter 2. The ability for players to pull themselves to a wall using the Revenant’s chain arm has been added, as well as the overall range of the arm’s abilities to make for much more dynamic platforming action. 

In SANABI you play as a legendary retired military veteran and use your signature prosthetic arm to jump over cliffs and skyscrapers, zip through bullets and traps, and defeat powerful enemies. In the game, you are called upon for one last operation: to ascend a mega-city ruled by a corrupt conglomerate. Your mission is to hunt down a mysterious entity known as “SANABI” and uncover corporate secrets hidden deep within the city.

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