WORKSHOP SIMULATOR to launch on PC and Consoles on 10 March 2022

WORKSHOP SIMULATOR to launch on PC and Consoles on 10 March 2022

Cut, sand, polish, paint and assemble thousands of items in Intermarum’s nostalgic restoration title.

Polish developer Intermarum today announced their highly-detailed restoration title, Workshop Simulator, will launch on PC, Xbox and PlayStation on 10 March. Players will craft and restore vintage toys, tools, furniture, and works of art using true-to-life tools and technical craft, while exploring a warmly nostalgic tale of family history and the stories of days gone by that are locked inside some of our most cherished possessions. 

Workshop Simulator

Workshop Simulator offers players a cosy retreat with a nostalgic and creative experience focused on restoring vintage items through disassembling, cleaning, sanding, and painting – or to express their own creativity through brand-new creations. The rewarding nature of tools and craft is complemented by a heartwarming story about lessons in patience and generosity across generations.

Workshop Simulator features: 

A detailed and authentic workshop 
Hammers, drills, paints and machinery are re-created in rich visual and physical detail. Workshop Simulator allows players to repair and refurbish items using a range of restoration techniques and mechanics with authentic tools and specialist equipment unlocked through gameplay.   

A heartwarming and nostalgic story 
An innocent request from your grandmother and a visit to an abandoned workshop leads to a nostalgic trip down memory lane, exploring your family’s history through the treasures passed down between generations. 

Countless vintage items to build, repair and restore 
Feel the joy of turning old into new. Take intricate vintage items and give them a second life with tactile restoration techniques. Sand, polish, paint and assemble everyday objects to turn them into their own small work of arts. Sell your works to fund better tools and more restoration opportunities. 

“There’s something about restoring items and toys which taps into a sense of nostalgia, creativity, and, warmth,” said Marcin Książek, Creative & Art Director at Intermarum. “This is turn breathes new life into items which may have otherwise been discarded. It’s a hard thing to capture in a videogame, but we feel we’ve got pretty close with Workshop Simulator and we hope that players will love what we have created for them and enjoy tinkering and restoring items so that they shine.”

Workshop Simulator launches on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation on 10 March 2022. To find out more about Workshop Simulator, visit the official Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Workshop Simulator

About Intermarum: 
Intermarum is an indie game development studio, founded in 2010 in the cozy and beautiful city of Opole, located in the south of Poland – the silence and peace give us the strength to do our work in truly beautiful and quiet surroundings, letting our creativity flow freely. Since then, we created games taking the best from many genres, but at the same time making them unique with fresh ideas – we try to make our dreams a reality through dedicated work and a free flow of creativity. Our hardened developers are working each day to deliver the best gaming experiences we can give. 

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