Carbon Based Lifeforms announces new Sandbox MMO Hyperspace 

Carbon Based Lifeforms announces new Sandbox MMO Hyperspace 

Hyperspace is a Galaxy-Wide Space Sim with Exploration, Warfare, and Cosmic Possibilities at its Heart

Carbon Based Lifeforms, a new game development studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland, today announces Hyperspace. The studio’s first project is a free-to-play science fiction massively multiplayer online (MMO) sandbox game. Set in an all-new universe created by Carbon Based Lifeforms, and drawing from the classic aesthetic of the golden era of 1970s science fiction, Hyperspace gives players the freedom to choose their own life and style of play – whether they want to be a galaxy-spanning explorer, a high-tech craftsman, or a rebellious intergalactic outlaw.

Hyperspace tells a tale of galaxies on edge and rife for exploration and domination. When an experiment to create a stable wormhole between two galaxies went wrong they were instantly merged into one. Eons later and as four economic territories vie for control, the impacts of that devastation still ripple through the new galaxy as the disparate species struggle to get along. Yet there are still opportunities to get out there, discover the past and make a better future. Or at least make a tidy profit on the side.  
Hyperspace players can create their character based on one of eight playable races, each with their own expanded lore and culture within a much larger universe, and participate in several activities with classes which include; Hunter, Gatherer, Explorer, and Trader, allowing them to customize their experience to suit their style of play. The space-themed gaming experience transports players to an expansive galaxy that’s filled with thousands of star systems, multiple territories, and four galactic currencies, giving users endless opportunities within an ever-evolving sandbox.
We are very excited to announce Hyperspace. We know that this game will mean a lot to the sci-fi gaming community, because it means a lot to us as fans of MMOs and science fiction ourselves.  Our goal is to bring old school classic cosmic adventure into the next generation of sandbox MMOs with a vibrant player-driven economy and hugely expansive narrative to explore. We can’t wait to show you more, and hope you’ll join us on this journey… it’s going to be something special.” – Theo Priestley, CEO – Carbon Based Lifeforms
Core Game Features Explore in Style | Build your ship and explore the galaxy, trade across the depths of space or hunt down valuable bounties. With a huge array of different options, players can outfit their vessels to fit their play-style. Unparalleled Customization | In the vastness of the galaxy there are some colorful characters to encounter. Play as one of eight different races from the hulking Carbaryl to the insectoid Krivak, Each with a deep lore and history of how they made it to the stars. Your Place in the Universe Matters | Become a bounty hunter, weaponsmith, explorer, trader, or scout with various factions in space. Chart new routes through the galactic map or wait in ambush as others float too far from safety. Either way, Hyperspace hosts plenty of options for progression. The Universe Has a History | Tapping into the lore is important to us at Carbon Based Lifeforms, we will be announcing our partnerships with several sci-fi writers to create an even greater depth, before you dive into the galaxy. Make Your Name, Make a Living | Whether you choose to craft your way to fame, or collect bounties on the outlaws of the galaxy, you’ll be able to make a fortune in-game, and be offered the chance to turn it into real-life money should you choose.  Hyperspace is open for pre-registration on the game’s website, at Players who sign up now will gain access to news as it becomes available and will be the first to receive updates on upcoming alpha and beta testing phases. More game details, and first gameplay videos, will be available in the coming weeks and months at the official site and the social media channels below.

Carbon Based Lifeforms are also delighted to be working with such talents as award-winning composer Austin Wintory, FRAG Games, and Astrofish Games in the development of the first gameplay demonstration of Hyperspace and into the future.
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